Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beauty :: Benefit "Pore"fessional Review


So this is a little bit of a repeat post, but I've had a change of heart for this. Originally when I first tried this I was rather pessimistic. I thought - Just another primer. Just another step in the morning makeup routine.

I guess I just needed to let it grow on me. I had another sample and after awhile I finally tried it for longer. Can I say I'm a convert? Terrible, I know. I probably shouldn't have gone in with such a pessimistic attitude, and had a more open mind. So now I'm back-tracking.

I really, really enjoy using this product. I actually prefer using this product on it's own, without covering it with more coverage. It obviously isn't full coverage, but just enough to make my skin appear more matte and it's so silky to the touch. Feather light. If I keep up with my skin care, I should be able to use this as a "foundation" and only have to use a light cover up on bad days.

I've now used up the last of the primer, and am contemplating splurging the money to buy the regular size. I just am loathe the spend the money, because it's just so darn expensive. Especially since I'm trying to start my intense budget. So right now, new makeup is not quite in the budget at the moment. Well, due to my intense budget nothing new is on the table. That makes me cry a little on the inside.

I have such a list of brands that I want to try, and things that I want to buy that right now - this product just isn't making the list. As much as I liked it. I just need to make way, way more money? What products are on your list? Would this product make your list if you were on a budget? 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Life :: Intense Budgeting

Kumo 05

Alright, here we are, almost at the beginning of another month, and I'm planning on starting an intense budget. There really isn't anything to it other than I'm not spending anything other than necessities and everything that would be used to spend on clothing, beauty products and other things that I don't really need but I feel like I need to spend money on, is going directly into savings.

It's not going to be easy. I don't know how many times I've posted about spending bans and the like, but this time feels different. Plus, there are things that I really need to save for. Life is happening quicker than I'd like to admit, and as much as I love spending money on clothing, I don't really need to any more.

Things that I need/want to save for:
  • A mortgage/down payment
  • Going back to school - in a few years... Saving for a degree - Ouch! 
  • Having children
  • Vacations 
All very grown up things, if I do say so myself. I will definitely need luck to get me by on this one, although I might have to have a little money set aside so that I'm not 100% a hermit and can't go out and do anything. Why is being an adult so damn hard? I don't understand it. Other people make it look so damn effortless, but I seem to struggle every day. It's one of those things were I make decent money, and yet I never seem to have enough. Why is that? I need to start writing down everything that I'm spending money on, and go from there.

I shall keep an update in this little space of mine, but it's going to take a lot of discipline. Sometimes I wonder if I even have that... Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Recap :: Week No. 15

Kumo 01

Since I'm changing where my weekend recap posts are going, I should probably have a little bit of a disclaimer? I figure I might as well change these to a recap of this week's posts, as well as little things that didn't make it into the blog this week.

I've started cutting back on the number of posts that are going to be posted per week, I think that the perfect balance for me will be a schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Fridays as well as Saturdays. The headings are, for the most part staying the same, covering - Life/Beauty/Fashion with a mix of Toronto life, and anything else that I want to throw in there. Fashion is always my toughest "subject" to write about, so we'll see how that one flies.

Anyways, on to the recap!
  • I finished this semester in school, and passed with flying colours (yay!)
  • I made the decision to take an extra semester and get the marketing diploma
  • Played lots of pool, can't wait to get more of that in this summer
  • Long Weekend! What to do other than binge watch Game of Thrones season 3
  • Decided that riding is taking a toll and I need to start working out... again
If you missed it, I only got 2 posts up this week, a beauty post about what's on my face and are you going to be going to the National Ballet of Canada's annual Gala event?

Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy the extra day and the sunshine!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Toronto :: Mad Hot Gala Spellbound Ballet


Something that I'm very passionate about is the arts. Specifically the ballet, but that's really only because I haven't been to the opera yet. I eventually would like to donate more money, but right now, buying tickets and attending certain events will have to do.

One event that the National Ballet of Canada does is their gala event. I went for the first time last year, and had an amazing time I knew that I would be back every year. Ideally, I'd like to get enough people to get a table and have the dinner part, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Besides that, the night is a great time out with some ladies, and I cannot wait for this year's. I'm undecided on my outfit, but there's still time to fuss about that.

This year's theme is Spellbound, and I think centred around the performance of Cinderella. Briana and I will be going of course, and I've invited another lovely lady to join us. A night out of mingling, wearing pretty dresses, and amazing talent, what more could you ask for?

Tickets are still available, and can be found at the National Ballet's page for the Gala. I'll be sitting in the fourth floor, let me know if you are planning on going! Hope to see you out supporting our arts. 
Image taken from the National Ballet site. All rights belong to them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beauty :: How Much Is My Face?

I know that I'm a little behind [or am I just starting the trend again?] on these posts, but I was thinking that I really wanted to do one. So here it is.

Currently on my face right now is:

Bathroom Shelf 02
Benefit Bad Gal Lash 
Benefit Lip Stick 
Rimmel Kate Moss Lip Stick 
Naked palette

Bathroom Shelf 01
Revlon Nearly Naked Powder 
Benefit Dandelion 
MAC eye shadow - for my brows
Benefit Boi-ing - only on bad break out days

Daily Makeup 01
Rimmel BB Cream
Benefit the Porefessional
Origins Mega-Bright
Neutrogena UltraSheer
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Now that I have it all written down, I don't even want to do the tally... I know that some are samples and some are drug store brands but still, my face is expense. Just the creams and the Benefit products alone make it somewhere around the $100 mark...

Oy. This is why I have to use up all the products that I've bought and not currently using before I buy more. No more waste! Time to be smarter with my money. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Toronto :: Spark Sessions Photography Workshop

SparkSessions Photography 08

Happy Friday everyone! Hard to believe that it's already been a week since Spark Sessions hosted their first full day workshop, but you know what they say - time flies faster as you get older. I still have yet to post about my fancy new camera that I totally didn't splurge on, but hopefully I'll get that one up tomorrow.

SparkSessions Photography 01

It was a little bit of a stressful start to my day, ended up rushing around the house trying to get to the subway on time. I'm on the subway praying that the train will make it to my stop, and I won't have to get off and take a shuttle to God knows where [lucky for me, I didn't] and [again, lucky me] I made it there just a mere 5 minutes late. [A part of me dies a little inside knowing that I was late at all, but some circumstances just can't be avoided].

Nervous as all get-out, I trundled up the steps of one cool building to walk into a room full of ladies. Setting myself up at a table, I won't lie when I say that it took me a moment to work up the courage to introduce myself to the one beside me. But am I ever glad that I did! The nice thing about a workshop like this is that, for the most part, everyone is in the same boat. No one really knows each other, and it's easy to open up conversation - "So what do you blog about?", or "Have you done anything like this before?" Now, like terrible bloggers we didn't actually take a group photo of ourselves, but suffice to say that the table I chose had some fabulous ladies.

The morning started off with presentations by the guest speakers, Casey P - photographer, and Natalie H - stylist. I know that I definitely benefited from both speakers - I have no idea how to use my camera on manual, and I have absolutely no styling gene in my body. It's just great to sometimes get out of the box that you normally are blogging/writing/styling in and get some new perspectives. I'm definitely guilty of taking pictures that are less than satisfactory and still posting them up because I feel like I need to get a post up. Putting unnecessary pressures on myself because I have a "schedule". Here's to not doing that anymore.

SparkSessions Photography 10

Then after a delicious lunch, we got to try our own hands at styling photos - and playing around with settings on the camera. I'm already getting much better, and starting to look at things with a more discerning eye.

SparkSessions Photography 07

 But here are some shots that I took - no editing, just changed the size. I think that they turned out fairly well, don't you?